Embers Adrift’s Forgotten Depths adds a new dungeon and mentoring system


Embers Adrift is slated to roll out its March patch today for fans of the indie MMO experience. It’s called the Forgotten Depths patch, the core of which is the titular Forgotten Depths dungeon, which looks like a dark, cavernous space full of teetering staircases that would be happy to send you to your death. Forgotten Depths is aimed at level 28+ characters.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of the release is what Stormhaven Studios is calling the GEL systems – Group Elevated Level – which looks like a sidekicking/mentoring system that will make it “easier to play with your friends.” The company used its new trailer to tease improvements to abilities and combat auras, first-person camera view, increased inventory, more gatherables, and new quests – including a new tutorial quest. Patch notes aren’t up yet as we type this, but we’d expect them sooner rather than later.

Source: Twitter
Stormhaven also dropped a state of the game memo, promising another free weekend “in the near future,” a recap of the Grimston Canyon update, and a deeper look at today’s release.

“It is being released in 3 phases, the first of which is for levels 28+. Come fight on the beaches of Redshore while you gather your party for an adventure into these forsaken halls.

“Deep within the halls of the Forgotten Depths, Ember is bent toward a dark purpose. A long forgotten sect of disgraced philosophers from the earliest days of the Academy in Newhaven have found sanctuary in these ancient caverns. Banished from Newhaven for horrific experimentation upon their fellow citizens, this Cabal of alchemists sought a new home to push the boundaries of what Ember can do. They found a secluded home in the Forgotten Depths where they can experiment with Ember without restraint – no matter the cost to human life or their own sanity. Their zealous cultists and mind-dead nocturnes do their bidding as they grow in power. Will their use of Ember ultimately be their undoing?

“Rumors have begun to spread amongst the Redshore Exiles and Redshore Newhaveners alike of a threat emerging from underground. Charcoal-skinned Nocturnes stalk the night, stealing captives away for their dark masters. Those who wander too near the cave disappear, never to be seen again. Shrieks of torment can be heard echoing from the foreboding caves. Brave drifters are needed to put an end to this evil. Gather your courage and your companions, and delve into Forgotten Depths… if you dare.”

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