Diablo III’s buzzworthy 27th season enters testing with 21 new class powers

You know, it can really be your jong.

Something odd happened on the way from Diablo Immortal to Diablo IV: Diablo III just became relevant again.

The upcoming 27th season of the online action RPG is generating a lot of buzz this summer due to Blizzard’s willingness to go a little crazy (in a good way) with its format.

The catalyst for this excitement is the Angelic Crucible, an artifact that allows players to refine and customize legendary items to their heart’s content. Oh, and it adds new unique class powers, if you hadn’t heard.

Prior to Season 27 coming out later this summer is this month’s testing of the changes in Update 2.7.4. The patch notes tell a tale of class changes, a nerf to Echoing Nightmare XP, and the aforementioned crucible.

“Our goal with the 21 unique class-powers was to introduce changes to skills that can redefine the way you play a build or set. We’re excited to see how players will harness the powers of Heaven in Season 27,” the studio said.

Source: Diablo III
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