Path of Exile launches Crucible for console today as PC delivers new 321K peak concurrency


Crucible is coming to console today as Path of Exile preps the expansion and its new league for PlayStation and Xbox – and console fans have reason to be excited here as Crucible’s reception on PC drove the game to an all-time concurrency record.

“Path of Exile: Crucible hit a new record of 321,180 concurrent players, beating our previous record by over 50,000 concurrent players.”

Steam’s separate numbers also provide some context; Path of Exile on Steam hit an all-time peak last weekend of 209,526 concurrent players, suggesting that almost two-thirds of the game’s concurrency came from Steam alone. Its previous Steam peak was 158,140 a year ago.

But it’s also worth noting that on Steam, the game’s average and peak concurrencies have been slumping more and more between expansions, so it remains to be seen how many of those new and returning players will stick around through this campaign’s (relatively minor but still present) grumbling and latency issues.

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