MechWarrior Online details the rewards program goodies being handed out to players for 2022


If you’re a regular player of MechWarrior Online or have made some specific cash shop purchases, you’ve got some good news to look forward to today. Piranha Games has unveiled the goodies coming to players in its annual rewards program for 2022, meaning those who have been sitting in the command couches of their favorite robots or bought things from the store are getting some in-game stipends.

The vast majority of freebies are being handed out to those who bought bundles, packs, or boosters, though there is a gift of a cockpit item, 6.5M C-Bills, a Mech Bay, and 100 GSP for those who have played 100 matches. Otherwise, shoppers are getting things like a choice of specific Mechs, unique Mech Bays, or patterns among other things. Distribution dates of these rewards also varies from situation to situation, with some items not arriving until January 2023.

There is an eligibility requirement for cash shop-using players to these goodies, specifically purchases had to have been made between November 2021 and November 2022. If you fall in that bucket, then you’ll want to look through the details and find out what you’re getting.

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