EVE Online starts up the Caldari Union Day through September 6

As always.

It appears that EVE Online might have different standards from others about what qualifies as a day of celebration. After all, why would the Caldari Union Day last until September 6th if everyone was on the same page about these things? It’s more like the Caldari Union Two Weeks. Still, considering that you’ll have time and space to take part in combat infiltration, industrial warfare, and hacking missions, maybe it’s for the best that the celebration doesn’t try to cram everything into a single 24-hour period. That would be kind of a lot, after all.

Obviously, taking part in the celebration is the path to earning rewards, which means new boosters as well as new skins for players to apply to ships. You can also pick up daily login rewards and visit military history trails to learn more about the Caldari Union. So whether you really want some new paint jobs or just can’t get enough of learning about the Caldari Union’s history, there’s something for you in the celebration from now until September 6th.

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