MechWarrior Online launches custom platinum collection creation, tweaks existing maps and gameplay


Sure, you can purchase bright n’ shiny platinum ‘Mechs for MechWarrior Online, but what if none of the chassis on offer are your favorite battle bot? Thankfully the game’s latest patch has now added the option to create a custom platinum collection, allowing players the ability to select a light, medium, heavy, and assault ‘Mech of their choice and make them platinum. Incidentally the patch has also added 10 new platinum robots for Inner Sphere lovers.

As for actual direct gameplay, this update applies a variety of tweaks to 13 of the online battler’s maps, removing elements, erecting invisible walls, adding ramps, and relocating capture points and spawns in some cases. The devs also confirm that a new map is in the works for March, with previews promised in the coming months. The update has otherwise applied another round of tweaks to ‘Mechs quirks and agility, tech trees, and ballistic weapons.

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