NCsoft’s Aion Classic launches the Revenant class and new Telos zone


Aion Classic’s big news this spring has until now been focused on the launch of Classic in Europe under the Gameforge sigil, but this week, NCsoft’s North American version of Aion Classic has an update of its own in the form of the Revenant update. Revenant is not just the name of the patch; it’s the name of a new exclusive class designed specifically for upgrading soldier characters in this version of the game.

“A Revenant was originally a Daeva of exceptional skill. During a mission, they were attacked by the Tiamat Legion and taken prisoner. Due to Tiamat’s experiments, the Daeva lost their wings and was brainwashed to become an agent of the Dragon Lord. With all memories of their previous life gone, the former weapon of Tiamat managed to return safely to their peers. Though once again reborn as a Daeva, they rebelled against the upper echelons who forgot the sacrifices of the others who were captured. They have taken up the mantle of ‘Revenant’ to take a different path from the other Daevas.”

There’s also the new Telos zone, the starting zone for soldiers; two new instanced dungeons, Telos of the Forgotten and Dragon Lord’s Throne: Telos; the new Moros Memoir system for characters over level 50; new stigma skills; the storybook system; and plenty more.

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