Aion Classic readies Update 2.5 with five dungeons for a late 2023 release


Aion Classic is holding one last surprise up its sleeve for 2023. Gameforge announced that the legacy MMO is prepping a final patch for the year with content for both PvE and PvP players.

Update 2.5: Lady Siel’s Call is coming “later this year” and will be propped up by the new Tempus dungeon. This high-level solo instance should be attractive for those who want to hoover up Abyss points. Four other regular dungeons — Deathly Chamber, Padmarashka’s Cave, Empyrean Crucible, and Crucible Challenge — are slated for the patch as well.

Aion Classic players also are going to get a new Sanctification system that adds stats and effects to items and a Combat Talent rating (think gear score or item level) to compare their character’s effective power against others.

Source: Press release
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