Aion Classic EU’s Storm in Balaurea launches new maps, dungeons, and passes on August 16


Gameforge and NCsoft are hyping up a big and unique rollout for European Aion Classic players, and as of this morning, we know when it’s finally happening: August 16th. Yeah, it’s not much notice, but that also means it’s not much wait.

Storm in Balaurea includes new areas of Balaurea itself, a new solo instance dubbed Taloc’s Hallow, three instances for small groups, and two PvP instances, plus the associated level-cap bump.

“The bitter war which raged between the Elyos and Asmodians over Reshanta reached its crescendo as the Balaur joined the fray. The events in Dark Poeta which came to light were a great shock to Elyos and Asmodian alike, and led to both factions declaring their intentions to march into Balaurea. The two sides pushed on into Balaurea, a region under Tiamat’s control, with the Elyos taking Inggison and the Asmodians Gelkmaros. Balaurea borders Tiamat’s stronghold in Tiamaranta. Meanwhile, the two regions of Inggison and Gelkmaros are linked by Silentera Canyon. Kaisinel, Empyrean Lord of the Elyos, chose Inggison as his springboard for the invasion of Tiamaranta, and used the power of illusion to create a huge fortress. At the same time Marchutan, Lord of the Asmodians, did the same thing in Gelkmaros. Their aim was to press on as far as Angrief and Vorgaltem, conquering the Balaur fortress, and preparing battleships equipped with aether cannons, ready for the march on the walled stronghold of Tiamaranta. But the plan was thwarted by the stiff resistance put up by the Balaur, combined with the lack of Aether, and the seemingly impregnable protective walls.”

We need to warn you here that Gameforge has prepped an actual 18-page PDF of patch notes for this release; expect windstreams for gliding and flying, new world bosses, the master handicrafting tier, new gathering materials, new skills, a bump to daily Kinah sales, and a pair of new passes too: a novice pass for lowbies and a return pass for returning toons.

Source: Press release, official site, patch notes
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