Aion NA updates its Apsaranta PvP battleground with new items, features, and events


This week is seeing a refresh to the battlefield of Apsaranta in Aion NA, as the Apsaranta: The Leap update introduces a swath of changes to reflect the two new Empyrean Lords that have taken their place for both sides of the conflict between the Elyos and Asmodians. These are words that were created.

Multiple changes have been made to the titular location in this patch, including updated garrisons for each side, all-new sacred relics to empower with new rewards to match, new agent battles to take on, and a new Empyrean Lord Amulet item that can be upgraded to grant a variety of benefits. The update also introduces a new mechanic that creates a portal to an enemy garrison when certain sites are occupied by one faction, along with legion quest changes and new legions.

The update to Apsaranta is further being bolstered by events for those who join the fight, including login rewards, an extra reward for defeating 15 enemy players, and a buff-granting NPC who significantly ramps up character stats. All of the associated events are running until September 19th, while the fight at Apsaranta is being refreshed now.

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