Whatever happened to the re-released MMO Eden Eternal?


Back in the beginning of May, we covered the re-release of Eden Eternal, an MMORPG that was axed by Gamigo in 2021 and then picked back up by developer X-Legend for its global return. Incidentally, that return also came with an ill-advised NFT giveaway, which saw the game’s release on Steam get delayed.

With that in mind, we’ve circled back to this one to check in on current events, and it looks as if things aren’t particularly rosy. The game did indeed make it to Steam shortly after its global launch, but the platform didn’t really bring in a whole groundswell of players to begin with and that initial number has since trailed off. Many Steam user reviews are generally unkind to the relaunch, complaining about the game being unplayable, claiming its registration site is still not working well, or generally being very angry.

Eden Eternal is still updating regardless, however, as a patch this week introduced the new Sage class that brings a giant hammer and light-infused magical power. The update has also launched a treasure hunting event and grants freebies for playing up to 66 hours, while most of the patch notes call out new items up for sale.

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