aeria games

Aeria Games is an online game publisher owned by ProSiebenSat.1 Media and based in Germany. It is known for MMOs like Echo of Soul, Eden Eternal, and Scarlet Blade.

Gamigo throws a 20th anniversary bash in all of its MMOs

Have you ever attended a birthday party that was thrown by the birthday boy or girl in question? It's a curious exercise in ego...

Echo of Soul is sunsetting yet again, this time on Steam, and no it’s not giving refunds

We return now to the confusing story of Echo of Soul, which as we've previously chronicled has at least a million versions and...

Grab an Echo of Soul Phoenix Bronze Griffon and beginner’s pack key from Gamigo and MOP

Echo of Soul has been in and out of the news this summer following the release of another new version in Southeast Asia,...

Echo of Soul is getting a new version that will come to the West via Gamigo

This news will either signal an exciting bit of new MMORPG gaming or strike very familiar, depending on whom you ask. In any...
Take that, Sea of Thieves!

Twin Saga updates for spring with a pirate invasion of Alfenheim

It turns out that pirates can kinda be jerks sometimes. The newest storyline in Twin Saga is all about how a bunch of...

Echo of Soul is on sale for less than a dollar on Steam until January 20

Attention bargain hunters: A blue light special that can very likely be seen from space is now on for the early access MMO

Gamigo is surveying ArcheAge, Trove, and RIFT players about monetization

Psst. Hey. Do you have opinions? Strong opinions? Strong opinions about Gamigo's games? Of course you do. Gamigo would like to hear them. I...

Grab an Aura Kingdom starter pack with a booster character to celebrate Halloween!

To usher in the Halloween season, Aeria has granted us a stack of Aura Kingdom starter packs for our readers! The included items...

Grab an Aura Kingdom gift bundle to celebrate the game’s new Eidolon

Just a few weeks ago, our very own MMO Cartographer took a cozy re-tour of Aura Kingdom, the cute 2013 free-to-play MMO...

Twin Saga’s newest patch adds a new dungeon, a new senshi, and a new cabinet

You read that right, one of the major features of the latest Twin Saga patch is a cabinet. A holy cabinet, if we're being...
Is this the real life?

Lime Odyssey appears to be getting a mobile revival

If you don't remember what Lime Odyssey was, we can't blame you, since the title never actually launched in the United States at...

MMO Cartographer: Welcome to the Aura Kingdom

For this week's edition of the MMO Cartographer, I have pulled Aura Kingdom out of my magical bag of maps. It is...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Decentraland, Monster & Me, and Grand Fantasia

Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent titles you've probably never heard of (or at least have entirely forgotten about!). Up first:...

Grab an Aura Kingdom gift bundle to celebrate the game’s May elite Sky Tower update

It's a big day for players of Gamigo's Aura Kingdom, as the MMO has pushed out patch 52. It's even got pet dragons...

Grab an Aura Kingdom gift bundle in honor of the game’s 50th update

Gamigo is has dropped a big update for anime MMORPG Aura Kingdom this week, complete with new dungeons and quests. If you're thinking, hey...

Echo of Soul resurfaces in North America under new publisher

Free-to-play fantasy MMO Echo of Soul has had something of a turbulent existence, to say the least: It first launched back in...

Bless Online’s last remaining Korean servers are shutting down

Bad news for players of Bless Online in Korea: Neowiz announced today that the game is shutting down in that region...
If you ever wonder what kind of game this is, this answers that.

Twin Saga patches in a new class, new zones, and new chibi companions

At a glance, Twin Saga does not seem like a game that would be replete with firearms. It does not look like a...

The headstart for Bless Online’s early access open beta begins… now

I gotta be honest: I wasn't entirely convinced this day would ever come. I'm referring to Bless Online's de facto launch, of course....

Echo of Soul classic servers end their western run Wednesday, but you can still play the game

Hope you got everything done you wanted to in Echo of Soul because the fantasy MMORPG is winding down its classic servers this Wednesday,...