New website for Eden Eternal goes live briefly along with plans for a Q2 global re-release under X-LEGEND


Back in February 2021, we watched as Eden Eternal became another victim of Gamigo’s massacre of MMORPGs under its umbrella. That appeared to be the end of the game’s story… right until Redditors discovered a new website from publisher X-LEGEND that appears to suggest the classic game is coming back.

The original thread shared a screenshot of the game’s website that was reportedly only online for a few hours before going private (it currently is just a logo), but a reply to the thread has offered a mostly functional URL including a space for interested fans to sign up for a newsletter. That same Reddit thread also shared a screenshot of a slide from what appears to be a financial report that targets a global release in the second quarter.

Readers will note that X-LEGEND taking control of MMOs that Gamigo has culled isn’t unique behavior: The publisher was granted stewardship of Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia, so this new information certanly tracks. Time will tell what happens next.

source: Reddit
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