ARK previews another dino headed to ARK 2, delays Survival of the Fittest PlayStation release again


What do you get when you combine ravenous hunger with big chompy teeth and equally large horns? No, it’s not me before breakfast; it’s the carnotaurus, which is the newest dinosaur headed to ARK 2.

As the dino’s name suggests, carnotaurus is pretty much food-motivated if the reveal image and related scientific discovery has anything to say about its behavior. The devs also call this creature the “horned terror” and a “tiny-armed, horned stomper.” Maybe Carnie and I have more in common than I first imagined.

In other news, the Survival of the Fittest mode that was supposed to head to consoles earlier this week has run into some problems, namely a needed update submission to resolve Xbox performance issues, which in turn is seeing the PlayStation version of the mode get pushed back another week in order to incorporate said performance fixes.

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