ARK Survival Evolved celebrates Valentine’s Day with colorful critters and boosted rates


The world of ARK: Survival Evolved isn’t all about hard-bitten survival and humans being on the lower end of the food chain; it’s also about love, or at least it is during the Valentine’s Day EVO event that kicked off this past Friday.

The event for this year is offering up a list of distinct creature colors to find and granting a host of boosts to XP, harvesting, taming, and more, the rates of which vary depending on what server players are on. Love Evolved EVO runs until February 17th, while Nintendo Switch players will get a “traditional” Love Evolved event until February 16th.

The latest edition of the survivalbox’s newsletter also confirms that roadmaps for all versions of the game can be expected next month, unveils the winner of the community creature poll, and projects the competitive Survival of the Fittest mode will arrive to console between this Wednesday and Friday.

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