Black Desert Mobile introduces Zayed, its upcoming Awakened Hashashin class


Regular players of Black Desert know that the game’s classes come in two forms: their regular version and the Awakened version. For players of Black Desert Mobile, there’s going to be a new Awakening arriving for the Hashashin class soon: Say hello to Zayed, a swift and agile fighter who brings a pair of glaives and some nasty sand magic that PC players got in 2020.

“Zayed wields his enormous double-edged Dual Glaives as if they were light as a feather, and unleashes a flurry of unavoidable attacks, pushing his enemies to the brink. Zayed’s sand serpents, created from his authority over the sands, rule over the battlefield and make all enemies quiver in fear.”

The above post offers a closer look at the new class’ skills, while a pair of additional videos grant a look at Zayed in combat and a complimentary skill breakdown. Details on when Zayed will arrive aren’t available yet, but those two videos can be watched below the cut.

sources: press release, official site
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