EverQuest Online Adventures fans toast the console MMO’s 20th anniversary


EverQuest Online Adventures might well be one of the oddest spin-offs from the rather expansive EverQuest franchise. And while this late, great PlayStation 2 MMORPG is no longer with us, former players paused to toast the game as its 20th anniversary passed on February 11th.

Even though EQOA shut down in March 2012, plenty of fans still remember the streamlined and clunky console edition. “February 11th, 2003, my life was changed forever! I met my wife in this game, still happily married,” one player said.

“That magic of a massive, wide open and dangerous world. No map, no mount, no real guides just a compass and some friends! Lightning in a bottle for me. I’ve been chasing that dragon for 20 years now. Nothing ever matched it for me, I’m afraid,” said another.

A rogue server called Project: Return Home has been in the works for a while but hasn’t made much noise over the past two years, with the last major build released back in February 2021. Devs in Discord celebrated their own 10-year anniversary back in December and said they’ve been working on NPC dialogue and merchants.

Curious about this unique MMORPG? Read about its full history in our Game Archaeologist column!

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