Skyforge celebrates Valentine’s Day with returning quests and new cosmetics


The month of February has one more Valentine’s Day MMORPG event to add to the list: the one from Skyforge, which is bringing back some of the game’s prior event quests while adding some new cosmetic rewards for players to look forward to. Especially if you like fancy dress.

The event offers up three different quests that task players to fight angry plants, defeat hostile flower bouquets, and play matchmaker to mortals, all of which award rose quartz currency that can be used to purchase a bevy of new cosmetics including Arboreal Wings, a set of formal clothes, a wedding ensemble, and an outfit that prepares for the summer season.

The event is on now and will run until March 1st, so there’s still time for fans of this still updating MMORPG to get their favorite clothes.

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