Whatever happened to Skyforge?


With the new year, it’s probably time to touch base with the fantasy/sci-fi hybrid Skyforge — especially following the game’s parent company being sold off last fall. While the MMORPG certainly was more quiet last fall, it wasn’t completely dead, and now it’s starting the year with a couple of events.

First up is a “Three Wishes” promotion that’ll grant some desirable rewards to those who help out with an archaeology research project. The big goal here is to grab an Ether Transformer, which gives a boost to speed and divine weapon acquisition.

Then there’s the return of the Reaper Invasion this month with a series of tasks and its own reward track. “Complete seasonal challenges to earn points, progress through up to 20 levels, and earn special rewards — including exclusive items available for a limited time only throughout the Reaper Invasion,” the studio said, going on to note that players will need to buy an Invasion Pass to get all of the best rewards from this event.

So there you go: Not dead. Maybe not pumping out expansions, but definitely running events. The game turns eight in April.

Source: Skyforge, 2
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