Whatever happened to the re-released MMO Eden Eternal?

Back in the beginning of May, we covered the re-release of Eden Eternal, an MMORPG that was axed by Gamigo in 2021 and then...

The MOP Up: Aura Kingdom 2’s global pre-registration arrives with NFTs in tow

Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution, the mobile follow-up to the first Aura Kingdom, started taking global pre-registrations this past week. By signing up, players can...

The MOP Up: Gamescom and QuakeCon prepare to storm August

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X-Legend’s Tales of Dragon is a dragon-taming mobile MMORPG now open for pre-registration

X-Legend, known around these parts as the publisher that fumbled the return of Grand Fantasia and Aura Kingom as well as the company that...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 421: Beyond time and space

Justin and Bree discuss Star Trek Online Unraveled, SWTOR Old Wounds, Gamigo's move out of MMOs, Chrono Odyssey's reveal, EVE's 20th anniversary, LOTRO's new raid, and Villagers and Heroes' housing patch, with adventures in LOTRO, WoW Classic, and SWG Legends, plus a mailbag topic on WoW's wild lore.

Eden Eternal has relaunched with a side order of NFTs and a delay on Steam

It's re-launch day for Eden Eternal, and if you haven't been following along, well sit back because we're about to do a recap, and...

Eden Eternal returns in May under new management after being killed in 2021

It's not every day that a gaming studio shutters three MMORPGs in one go, but this happened back in February 2021 when Gamigo closed...
Of course this is the hitch.

Eden Eternal starts pre-registration… and offers players NFTs for participation

If you were looking forward to the relaunch of Eden Eternal under X-LEGEND, we have some bad news for you. It's not exactly the...

Eden Eternal reaffirms its global re-release in 2023 and outlines some of its future adjustments

Last month, developer X-LEGEND confirmed that it will be globally self-publishing Eden Eternal in a press release. Now that same promise has been reiterated...

Post-Gamigo, X-LEGEND has big expansion plans for Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia

Back in December, Gamigo announced that it was closing down multiple MMOs on its roster, transferring some of them back to their original developers....

X-LEGEND confirms its plans for a global re-launch of Eden Eternal

Earlier in the week Redditors discovered some indications that Eden Eternal was on its way to a return following its closure by Gamigo. We...

Grand Fantasia and Aura Kingdom both make a bumpy return under X-LEGEND’s stewardship

Before we leap into this story, a quick recap: Both Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia were in a state of limbo when Gamigo elected...

New website for Eden Eternal goes live briefly along with plans for a Q2 global re-release under X-LEGEND

Back in February 2021, we watched as Eden Eternal became another victim of Gamigo's massacre of MMORPGs under its umbrella. That appeared to be...

Fractured vanishes from Gamigo’s site, Fawkes Games opens a weird website

Yesterday, we covered the distressing news that Gamigo had suffered layoffs - including the loss of RIFT's last remaining community manager, which is already...

Aura Kingdom II is a pale imitation of the original MMORPG

Aura Kingdom is one of those fantasy MMOs that exists vaguely in the minds of some but isn't exactly on the lips of every...

Sprite Fantasia is a mobile remake of the MMORPG Grand Fantasia now available for pre-registration

Grand Fantasia isn't a game that crosses our news room very often, but it very much is still a thing. We've covered it as...

Player who claims a mobile RPG’s gacha mechanics were falsely advertised loses court case

Fair game monetization and gamer spending are topics that are on the minds of many right now, and one of the more slippery monetization...

An Aura Kingdom mobile spin-off is in the works

Twin Saga developer X-Legend Entertainment is reportedly working on a mobile spin-off of Aura Kingdom. It doesn't sound as though Aura Kingdom Mobile is an...