Grand Fantasia and Aura Kingdom both make a bumpy return under X-LEGEND’s stewardship


Before we leap into this story, a quick recap: Both Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia were in a state of limbo when Gamigo elected to close down its Aeria Games portal and transfer publishing duties over to X-LEGEND. Players of both titles were asked to make account transfers last month, and the games were offline for a period of time.

That brings us to this week and the official return of both classic MMOs, but the relaunches have reportedly not gone smoothly: Players on each title’s official Discords are reporting login issues, and one disgruntled Redditor details problems with Aura Kingdom such as server errors, website login problems, and a chunky download file size among other complaints.

In the meantime, both games are still running events for players who join each MMO’s communities on Discord and Facebook. For now, though, it would appear that the rising phoenix of these classic games has regrettably been a spectacular fire of a different kind.

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