Aura Kingdom II is a pale imitation of the original MMORPG


Aura Kingdom is one of those fantasy MMOs that exists vaguely in the minds of some but isn’t exactly on the lips of every virtual adventurer, if you know what we mean. But apparently that MMO has been successful enough that it warranted a full-fledged sequel, which came out in 2020 – right at the start of the pandemic, which is perhaps why most MMO players, including us, didn’t even notice.

Aura Kingdom II is a cross-platform MMO that offers both PC and mobile play. It labels itself as a “great remake” of the original Aura Kingdom while also boasting a new storyline. The sequel has four classes (Dragoon, Shinobi, Elementalist, and Nymph), 40 collectable Eidolon companions, and plenty of open-world adventures.

Don’t put too great of a hope on this title, however, as it’s saddled with “mostly negative” reviews on Steam (versus the original, which received “mostly positive”) and has fewer than 10 players using it through Valve’s platform at any given time. We’re assuming the bulk of the players are on mobile; according to AppBrain, Aura Kingdom II has been downloaded over a million times and is ranked 463 in top-grossing games in the US specifically.

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