X-Legend’s Tales of Dragon is a dragon-taming mobile MMORPG now open for pre-registration


X-Legend, known around these parts as the publisher that fumbled the return of Grand Fantasia and Aura Kingom as well as the company that hitched NFTs to Eden Eternal’s relaunch, is back once more with another MMORPG under its umbrella: Tales of Dragon, a mobile title that has dragons and (presumably) tales.

Specifically, Tales of Dragon is all about hatching and taming dragons to use in combat and as mounts, along with collecting magical cards, engaging in several social activities designed around in-game married couples, and dressing up in all sort of clothes. The game otherwise features four classic classes to control, quests to take on with others, and everyone’s favorite mobile MMO feature: idle gaming functionality. Also, there’s a big puffy raccoon friend named Crispy.

A release date for Tales of Dragon isn’t tied down yet, but a pre-registration campaign is on now for both iOS and Android, along with the requisite extra goodies handed out for hitting registration milestones.

sources: press release, official site
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