MMOs You’ve Never Heard of: Solarpunk, Hyperspace, and Dawnlands


Welcome back to another run-through of some new-to-us MMOs and MMO-adjacent titles that we (and presumably you) have never heard of. If you have, just play along!

SolarpunkSolarpunk is another fresh multiplayer title on our radar. Cyberwave and Rokaplay are upfront that this one is a survival game, but it’s on the cutesy cozy MMO end of the survival spectrum, not the gritty grimdark end. Gamers have responded to that too, as the game is in its final days of Kickstarter and (as I type this) has pulled in a quarter of a million dollars, far surpassing its original $32K ask.

HyperspaceHyperspace was a title pitched our way by Chris’ husband (hi Chris’ husband!), who pointed out that it is not the same Hyperspace that we covered here. That one is a crypto trainwreck. This one, however, is a co-op PvE-only space title by 11-person Keepsake Games, which characterizes the game as “Sea of Thieves in space” rather than as a Star Citizen knockoff. Early access is expected in late 2024, so it’s one to check back in on later.

Dawnlands – Finally, we come to Dawnlands, which might just hit that Blue Protocol sweet spot as we wait for that to finally roll our way. Amazing Seasun Games is calling Dawnlands an “open-world survival crafting game” on mobile and PC with cross-platform multiplayer and 1.5M pre-registrations. Players can explore, build, boat, and fight their way across the sandbox – with no gacha mechanics, the devs promise. A beta is underway starting June 24th, with launch apparently pegged for later in 2023.

As always, drop us an email if you spy another weird or new or underrated MMO we should be covering!

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