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Star Citizen shows off its big mounted gun, stagger animations, and a cargo trolley

Star Citizen's latest episode of Inside Star Citizen is a little bit different. First, it starts off with the Features team's work...
A journey into complexity.

Perfect Ten: MMOs of the ‘internet spaceships’ genre

It's at once the most important and most underserved genre in MMOs, aside from gigantic robots - it's the valuable genre of internet spaceships. They're...

Inside Star Citizen showcases the Orison landing zone and dirty ships

It's Friday, which means it's time for another episode of Star Citizen's weekly video series. In the first half of this week's...

Star Citizen opens up another free fly demo and writes an alpha 3.12 postmortem

It's once more time to entice new players into the persistent universe of Star Citizen. As of yesterday, CIG kicked off yet...

One Shots: Outer space needs an attitude readjustment

In retrospect, outer space was asking for it. It was giving all of us a cold shoulder, being very distant, and lording its size...

Star Citizen previews alpha docking features, launches Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year events

It's a bunch of Star Citizen stuff today, with the usual weekly episode of Inside Star Citizen as well as some highlighted...

Valentine’s Day begins in Star Citizen, SWG Legends, DAOC, and more

OK, MMOs, we get it, you have chocolate and pink stuff and hearts. This is the last one of these roundups I'm doing this...

Lunar New Year sales and events arrive to Steam, Champions Online, and gobs more

It's lovely seeing the Lunar New Year holiday continue to rise in prominence in the west - and especially in online video games. And...

Star Citizen talks about ship capacitors, ship roles, and tweaking the meta in an AMA

The Vehicle Experience Team of Star Citizen took to the game's official forums to field player questions in an AMA, with the...
sky boats

Star Citizen plans a free fly event, a Lunar New Year event, and a vehicle team AMA this month

With the month of February just beginning, fans and followers of Star Citizen will have plenty to look forward to in the coming...

Star Citizen breaks down the capital ships and shield tech of the Assault on Stanton dynamic event

Star Citizen continues to make a whole lot of noise about its first dynamic event, which sees players engaging with the Idris and...

Star Citizen outlines work on a ‘community favorite’ ship, hacking, weapons, and Orison landing zone

Feels like we sort of just did this, doesn't it? Sure enough, now that we're just into the month of February and the...

Perfect Ten: A guide to podcasts for your favorite MMOs

Clearly, your Tuesday schedule every week should have a big fat "LISTEN TO MASSIVELY OP PODCAST" written at 4:00 p.m. EST right on...

Star Citizen’s Tony Z on how dynamic events will work in the game

It's pretty easy to assume that the entirety of gameplay in Star Citizen will be player-driven in the sandbox, but the Assault on...

One Shots: Where do you find penguin wear?

When you head out to the final frontier in Star Citizen, make sure that you take your favorite, um, penguin? Sure, that sounds...

Star Citizen discusses the creation of logos, docking arms, outpost buildings, and more vehicles

It's time for your weekly dose of Star Citizen news in video form as CIG has released another episode of Inside Star...

Star Citizen shows off some new planet modification tools and lays out general plans for space combat

Star Citizen's weekly video series has come back online once again, and this week's episode moves from showing off yet another tool...

Star Citizen discusses creation of new enemy behavior, new armors, and a new big bomb for ships

Star Citizen saw fit to condense both November and December's work into one monthly report this time around, which once again offers...

One Shots: The magical land of candy

We would all like to think that, given the opportunity, we would be brave adventurers in fantasy lands, venturing forth to slay dragons and...

Massively Overthinking: What MMO were you hoping to hear much more about this past year?

So 2020 wasn't exactly the year a lot of us probably thought it was going to be in early January. Every bit of our...