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Star Citizen showcases a new mission and new global event currently in development

Star Citizen's quarterly series of video digests is once again being used to look into the space sandbox's nebulous future, as CIG is offering...

Star Citizen begins dishing out CitizenCon tickets to buyers and introduces a new CM

Star Citizen's big convention is just under a month away, and those who bought tickets to go to the event in-person are now seeing...

The Daily Grind: What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a single MMO?

So Star Citizen hit $600M in crowdfunding last month, and I have questions - specifically, questions for the gamers who keep pouring money into...

Star Citizen previews cargo hauling and sound design, shares Arena Commander mode schedule

It's all about space truckin' and sound design once more with Star Citizen's weekend slate of videos, as the latest Inside Star Citizen episode...

Perfect Ten: 10 MMO things you can just stop waiting for

Sooner or later we all have to face facts and accept that something we wanted at one point is never actually going to happen....

Star Citizen releases new Arena Commander updates, new ships, and gameplay adjustments in Alpha 3.20

Star Citizen is calling its latest alpha build "Fully Loaded," which is probably going to open CIG up to all sorts of obvious jokes...

Star Citizen confirms HDR support and what items will persist in alpha 3.20’s release

Looking to make your brights brighter and your shadows shadowier in Star Citizen? Then you'll be in luck once alpha 3.20 goes live because...

Star Citizen talks about the creation of a ‘true cargo career’ and player housing-like hangars in latest video

Star Citizen already has some space truckin' to be done, but that can arguably be seen as pretty bare bones overall. Making cargo hauling...
Thrones and something, I guess?

Vague Patch Notes: I don’t know what the deal is with Throne & Liberty

Let me just state this outright: What in the absolute heck is supposed to be going on with Throne & Liberty at this point?...

Stick and Rudder: Chronicling CIG’s naked hostility toward Star Citizen’s long-time backers

Earlier this week, Cloud Imperium creative content lead Jared Huckaby stopped the focus of a Star Citizen Live showcase to very grumpily look through...

Star Citizen showcases alpha 3.20’s updates, declares it won’t answer ‘when’ questions anymore

It looks as if Star Citizen is ramping up for the wider launch of alpha 3.20, as CIG has begun dedicating the game's official...

Star Citizen talks up ambient ship sound tools in latest video

Audio ambience is certainly a useful way to bring players into a game world, and no more is that important than inside of an...
Right in half.

Former CIG employee speaks out about Star Citizen’s design trajectory and money burn

The headlines around Star Citizen and money continue to swirl. Hot off of the heels of yesterday's report about the game's new crowdfunding total...

Star Citizen crowdfunding hits $600M under the specter of reported layoffs at CIG

It was only a few weeks ago when we reported on Star Citizen raking in $550M to date this year in crowdfunding, which was...

Star Citizen fan collects 10 years of CIG’s claims about tool creation speeding up development

A couple of weeks ago, a developer livestream from Star Citizen talked up its mission maker, promising at one point in the video that...

Star Citizen plays with a new sound tool and continues to show how missions are made

This weekend in Star Citizen saw Cloud Imperium Games continue to play with its tools in the studios' two latest videos: one about a...

Perfect Ten: 10 MMORPGs whose worlds were built from scratch

Maybe I'm the only one to have stopped to think about it, but a great deal of the MMOs that we enjoy are based...

Star Citizen claims its latest mission-generation system will speed up development

Star Citizen continues to try and pad the time between now and CitizenCon in its video content, as the most recent Star Citizen Live...

Star Citizen will now invite players into its PTU based on their activity in an effort to stress test builds

For the past several years, access to the PTU builds of Star Citizen has gone out in waves - that's nothing new - but...

Star Citizen sees roughly $55M in crowdfunding to date this year as it nears $600M in total

Today in "Math News That Will Make Your Head Hurt," we're taking a look at some of the latest data points out of Star...