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Massively OP Podcast Episode 374: Star Citizen, one decade later

Justin and Bree discuss the state of Star Citizen, Final Fantasy XI's 20th birthday, Guild Wars 2's Sky Pirates, DDO's Isle of Dread, and EVE Online's EVE Anywhere, plus a mailbag topic on struggling with single-player games in the wake of MMOs.

Star Citizen’s AI team teases commandable NPCs in dev roundtable

The end of every week features a new developer broadcast out of Star Citizen, and this past Friday was no different as members of...

Star Citizen debuts the new Anvil Legionnaire as part of the game’s free-to-play Invictus Launch Week

The annual Invictus Launch Week event for Star Citizen is back once again, making the alpha version of the game available to everyone for...

Stick and Rudder: Some thoughts on Chris Roberts’ annual Star Citizen address

As many of our readers are familiar by now, Chris Roberts has put out his annual Letter from the Chairman for the Star Citizen...
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Star Citizen boss rests feature delay blame on COVID, touts rise in new players, and marks a path to beta

Chris Roberts has seen fit to peer down from his tower and issue his annual Letter from the Chairman, which looks back at the...

Video essay explores why Star Citizen has taken so long to put together

Many people are wondering what is taking Star Citizen so long to come out of alpha, let alone a release state. With ten years...

Inside Star Citizen showcases more AI behavior, river weeds, and a new vehicle physics model

It's time once more for Star Citizen to put out its weekly video series, and in this week's episode followers of the game get...

Global Chat: How you can help your MMO’s community

Are you a net positive or a negative for the MMORPGs you inhabit? If you'd like to be the former, MMO Folklorist has 10...

Star Citizen talks with its tool developers in latest video

If you're going to build something, you're going to need tools, and that's obviously no different in game development. The weekly video series that...
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CIG’s reports for Star Citizen and Squadron 42 recount work on AI, area design, and bedsheet deformation

The monthly development progress reports for Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are in, and as the headline to this story suggests, updates from last...

Star Citizen releases alpha 3.17, updates minimum specs, and ends partnership with developer Firesprite

Star Citizen has apparently seen fit to just explode with news at the close of the week, as the game's alpha has yet another...

Star Citizen shows off filthy armor and highlights new AI behaviors in latest video

If you're going to get into the snow, rain, dust, or mud of a planet in Star Citizen, you'd expect your character's armor to...

Stick and Rudder: Using No Man’s Sky Outlaws as a way to fill the space sandbox void

Hello Games just keeps on proving itself over and over again. That's been the overall reaction whenever No Man's Sky makes an update from...

The MOP Up: Star Citizen tests in-flight refueling

Star Citizen's nigh-endless list of things to accomplish before launch may be crossing off one of these with this month's alpha build. The "Fueling...

Star Citizen devs talk about character hygiene and other player status effects in Q&A video

One of the jokes I've seen made in the comments of Star Citizen posts is how the game will require players to use the...

Choose My Adventure: The point of a community-guided MMO column

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Choose My Adventure programming for something of a meta discussion on what this column is meant to be and...

Star Citizen grants a first look at an upcoming ore refining ship and runs down alpha 3.17’s feature set

Yep, there's another ship being added to Star Citizen. Yep, it's still only in the concept phase. However, it is not being sold ahead...

Massively Overthinking: What do you expect from MMO Kickstarters?

I know, I know. People don't trust Kickstarters anymore. Nor should they, especially now. I think our genre knows this now. For every Wagadu...

Star Citizen discusses the features of alpha 3.17 in a not-so-livestream

Usually the Star Citizen Live broadcast out of Star Citizen is... well, live. However the latest episode of the series was pre-recorded. Still, it's...

Star Citizen outlines several changes to its loot system and tweaks to injuries coming in alpha 3.17

While the upcoming alpha 3.17 build of Star Citizen is seeking to add things like the Hull A and a river, it also appears...