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Star Citizen follows up on alpha 3.18 feature developments as the build heads towards a November release

Alpha 3.18 has been the talk of Star Citizen's summer series of Inside Star Citizen videos, but now that Cloud Imperium is wrapping up...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 390: All systems go for MMO launches

Justin and Bree discuss Star Citizen's crowdfunding, Wrath Classic's launch, Dual Universe, Mythic, Ultima Online's 25th birthday, Tibia, and LOTRO Before the Shadow, with adventures in SWG Legends and Truck Simulator, plus a voicemail topic on MMO systems proliferated across the genre.

Star Citizen introduces its new localization team and talks about improving Siege of Orison

Star Citizen has a localization team. That might not sound like anything major on its face, but when one considers that the game has...

Massively Overthinking: The MMO Kickstarters that let us down

MOP's Chris penned a solid piece earlier this week about the fate that has apparently befallen Destiny's Sword, and as I was editing it,...
This non-game sucks, Beavis.

Vague Patch Notes: The perpetual MMO crowdfunding engine

Do me a favor right now and navigate over to the Star Citizen webpage. It's possible that this has wildly changed in the time...

Star Citizen’s total crowdfunding just hit over half a billion dollars

What can $500M get you? In the case of Star Citizen, more development coals shoveled into the fires of Chris Roberts' vision: The game's...
This non-game sucks, Beavis.

Inside Star Citizen grants a look of hull scraping, salvage, and the Drake Vulture in action

Star Citizen has made a lot of noise about the salvaging profession, including the ships, mechanics, and tools that will make that profession work,...

Star Citizen’s CitizenCon officially kicks off on October 8 – here’s what to expect

Followers of Star Citizen have likely heard some early rumblings about the game's annual CitizenCon showcase, but now they have much more information about...

The Daily Grind: What can’t you shut up about in regard to MMOs?

We all have opinions. Oh boy, do we. We have opinions on things we aren't even aware of yet, that's how reflexive we are...

Star Citizen shares a preview of alpha 3.18’s new derelicts and offers updates on outposts

Spaceships crash in Star Citizen, and when they do, they sometimes get turned into derelicts to plumb and settlements to explore. While alpha 3.17.2...

Star Citizen kicks off another free fly event that celebrates the community’s elite eight spaceships

Star Citizen's search for new money is back on once again with the launch of another free fly promotion tied to the Ship Showdown...

Star Citizen says persistence is on ‘a straight line to deployment’

The PU of Star Citizen stands for "persistent universe," but that's only mostly true; players can't land on a planet with their ship, place...

Star Citizen shows off alpha 3.18’s refined caves and early work on a new player tutorial

Sure, Star Citizen already has caves, and they're generally pretty nice caves, but what if they could be better? That's the goal for a...

Star Citizen answers players’ burning lore questions and outlines recent roadmap updates

What are the people of the Nyx system like? Are there any ancient buildings from the time of the Imperators? Are there older ships...

Star Citizen answers player questions about ship and vehicle progress in latest video

Star Citizen's regular Star Citizen Live video is back for another week, and this time around it's all about vehicles, as the devs came...

Star Citizen details revamps and extra features coming to Kareah space station and Klescher prison

Long-time players of Star Citizen are likely very familiar with the locations of Kareah and Klescher in Stanton, and while most of the devs...

Star Citizen begins its Ship Showdown, promises a roadmap update and new mission feature details this week

Fans of Star Citizen who have strong opinions about the game's various spaceships can now argue over the matter in the game's annual Ship...

Here’s how Star Citizen’s in-development kart racing tracks work – from the dev who designed them

Like it or loathe it, Star Citizen is getting kart racing, and response to this reveal has been so impressive that this week's Star...

Star Citizen’s latest video shows progress on ships, salvage, and new UI elements

The newest weekly video out of Star Citizen is once again an all sprint report episode, which runs through several smaller progress reports and...

Star Citizen shows off how it makes visual effects during its latest developer livestream

A spaceship sandbox like Star Citizen has got to have all sorts of flashy visual effects. After all, why bother having sexy spaceships and...