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Star Citizen promises that some ‘highly requested new features’ will be added to its roadmap this week

Are you ready to watch some new goalposts move around? Or are you ready for some new features to be iterated upon? There really...

Star Citizen talks about future plans for player-based ship refuel and repair

As it stands now, filling up the tank and repairing the damage of your internet starship in Star Citizen is an automated matter, but...

One Shots: Riding the dino to the prom

You think you were all decked out in finery and had a spiffy ride the last time you went to a formal dance? You...

Massively Overthinking: Should MMOs sell exclusive items – in alpha?

MOP reader Randomness recently wrote to us about a Reddit discussion about games with exclusive item shops before the game comes out. The issue...

Star Citizen talks up the new reputation system arriving in alpha 3.13

This week, Star Citizen's regular video series is all about earning that rep, outlining the reputation system that's arriving in alpha 3.13 as well...

Star Citizen adds the Tumbril Cyclone MT to patch 3.13, puts ships on the back burner as players map out future tech updates

Patch 3.13 of Star Citizen is just around the corner (maybe), with the current roadmap outlining features like Stanton system polish, mining sub-components, new...

Star Citizen plans additional Theaters of War testing, discusses FPS tools and asteroids in video

Back in May we highlighted a Reddit thread that linked up some business connections between CIG and Liverpool, UK, game studio Firesprite, and further...

Star Citizen’s devs answer questions about customization, aliens, and animated cloth

Members of CIG's character tech teams took to the Star Citizen forums to host an AMA about all things character-related, and while much of...

Star Citizen talks up land vehicle physics changes as CIG devs rebut claims of mistreatment during Texas snowstorm

While Star Citizen certainly loves its spaceships, there are a number of land-based vehicles that deserve love too, and that's just what the latest...

Star Citizen XenoThreat postmortem talks co-op gameplay, performance issues, and PvP imbalance

Players of Star Citizen certainly have opinions about how the game's first dynamic event played out, but how do the devs at CIG think?...

Star Citizen shows off alpha 3.13’s big new caves and previews new vehicle-based mining tools

CIG is very proud that it's made holes in the ground. That's the rather acerbic takeaway from this week's video update from Star Citizen,...

Star Citizen shares new enemy NPC behaviors, continued work on Orison, and new weapon progress

The February development report for Star Citizen is now available and is once again full of updates for features and improvements the team at...

Star Citizen shows off its big mounted gun, stagger animations, and a cargo trolley

Star Citizen's latest episode of Inside Star Citizen is a little bit different. First, it starts off with the Features team's work on new...
A journey into complexity.

Perfect Ten: MMOs of the ‘internet spaceships’ genre

It's at once the most important and most underserved genre in MMOs, aside from gigantic robots - it's the valuable genre of internet spaceships. They're...

Inside Star Citizen showcases the Orison landing zone and dirty ships

It's Friday, which means it's time for another episode of Star Citizen's weekly video series. In the first half of this week's episode, we...

Star Citizen opens up another free fly demo and writes an alpha 3.12 postmortem

It's once more time to entice new players into the persistent universe of Star Citizen. As of yesterday, CIG kicked off yet another free...

One Shots: Outer space needs an attitude readjustment

In retrospect, outer space was asking for it. It was giving all of us a cold shoulder, being very distant, and lording its size...

Star Citizen previews alpha docking features, launches Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year events

It's a bunch of Star Citizen stuff today, with the usual weekly episode of Inside Star Citizen as well as some highlighted seasonal events...

Valentine’s Day begins in Star Citizen, SWG Legends, DAOC, and more

OK, MMOs, we get it, you have chocolate and pink stuff and hearts. This is the last one of these roundups I'm doing this...

Lunar New Year sales and events arrive to Steam, Champions Online, and gobs more

It's lovely seeing the Lunar New Year holiday continue to rise in prominence in the west - and especially in online video games. And...