Sprite Fantasia is a mobile remake of the MMORPG Grand Fantasia now available for pre-registration


Grand Fantasia isn’t a game that crosses our news room very often, but it very much is still a thing. We’ve covered it as part of our spotlight on MMOs you’ve never heard of, and last year we highlighted an update that featured an evil plant queen. And while most of its recent updates are focused on Alchemy and events, the game is still operating.

We bring this back up because developer X-Legend Entertainment has unveiled a mobile remake of the MMORPG known as Sprite Fantasia, which is set to arrive to iOS and Android sometime in mid-October. Sprite Fantasia touts a number of features including multiple PvP combat styles and old-fashioned class transfer options, the ability to create a variety of outfits, creation and customization of personal home islands, lots of minigames to play at Red Coconut Paradise, and exploration and adventure to be had in the world of Saphael.

Sprite Fantasia is currently open to pre-registration, inviting players to not only sign up to the game but also pre-build a Sprite. As is often the case with pre-registraton events, there will be additional goodies unlocked for all when certain milestones are met. There’s also a video showing the game in action that can be watched below.

source: press release

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I’m happy to see something new going on with GF’s world. Playing anything MMORPG-ish on my phone hurts my hands (I wish more offered portrait view controls…) but I might try this one anyway… although, as I type this, I looked up how to register and I see that there’s a Steam page for the game as well. So PC version incoming too? In any case, it’s nice to see that art style again in a new and polished iteration. :)

Yuge McBigly

Might want to check that pre-registration link there…

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Yeah, the link in the source file points to:
“http://multiple PVP combat styles and old-fashioned class transfer options”.
Something went dreadfully wrong there…
Cute looking game though!