Elite: Dangerous is discontinuing support for the Mac [Updated]

We’re sorry to inform fans of Elite: Dangerous on Apple computers that they’re soon going to be forced to choose between the platform and the game. It’s been officially announced that support for the game on Macs will be ended with the update in Q4, toward the end of the year. Players can still log in on PCs or via accounts logged into on Bootcamp, but you’ll have to use one of those methods. This is after Mac support was first added in 2015.

Players already know that there have been technical problems preventing Horizons from launching on the platform, although their specific nature has not been explained; what matters is that further technical improvements to the game didn’t appear to be making things any better. Some players are speculating that this will also mean Horizons is bundled into the base game, but whatever the expansion changes are, you won’t be seeing them natively on a Mac. Our condolences to the players affected.

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Villagers and Heroes releases for iOS mobile devices

Cross-platform MMO Villagers and Heroes made a leap to another platform this week with the release of the game for the app store. This means that iOS devices can now pick up and join the fun along with the Android and PC crowd.

Mad Otter Games opened up a new server — US3 — to handle the influx of new players. It should be noted that unlike some mobile spinoffs of MMOs, Villagers and Heroes for iOS is the same full version that PC players enjoy, albeit with modified controls and UI to accommodate touchscreen devices.

Villagers and Heroes put out Patch 4.8 late last month with movement changes, a ranchable boar, and two new high-level zones. The iOS release includes the recent Starfall overhaul and offers eight class builds, 10 crafting professions, over 1,000 quests, and player housing.

So who’s picking this up this week?

Source: Press release, app store


Overwatch’s Mercy is shown none by Blizzard, plus news on Overwatch League

Mercy just can’t catch a break.

The Overwatch healer is due for another round of brutal nerfs, the latest in a long, long line of downward adjustments to the character by Blizzard. This time, her resurrect has been changed from an instant cast and no longer gives a bonus charge, in addition to a nerf to the speed boost from her Guardian Angel ability.

Blizzard explained this latest Mercy nerf, saying, “Mercy’s recent Resurrect changes have helped in allowing enemies to have more counter play in dealing with her, but she was able to use Resurrect through Valkyrie enough to largely mitigate the impact of the previous changes. Additionally, we’re toning back the amount of mobility Valkyrie provides through Guardian Angel and reducing its duration to overall reduce the power of this ability.”

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Albion Online begins testing iOS client

Even with its launch on PCs earlier this year, Albion Online’s true potential as a cross-platform MMORPG has yet to be fulfilled. The next crucial step in this effort? Getting the title on mobile.

It looks like it’s going to happen, too, as the team has begun to test the fantasy sandbox on iOS. Players can sign up to test Albion Online’s mobile beta through Testflight, playing on live servers. Only players with a founders or starter pack can sign up, and out of those, it’s a first-come, first-test situation.

You’ll need to have the right gear, too. The test is aimed at iPhones from the 7 on up, the iPad Mini 4, the iPad Air 2, and the recent three iPad Pros.


Mobile MMO roundup: ArcheAge Begins, Paladins Strike, MU Origin, and Vendetta Online

Welcome back to another quick tour through the very latest in mobile MMORPG news. Let’s begin at the beginning with…

ArcheAge Begins

Yep, the GAMEVIL-produced mobile spinoff of this core sandbox MMORPG has released on both iOS and Android worldwide, with 100K players having signed up for pre-registration. “Developed with Unreal Engine 4, ArcheAge Begins features impressive-looking character models and environments, intense strategic battles and engrossing online multiplayer features,” GAMEVIL says. (Thanks, Jason!)

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Infinite Universe distills all of space onto mobile

In the video game space race between the USA and Russia, who will win? It looks like the competition is heating up, as the Russians have captured the vastness of space itself and distilled it into a mobile MMO. Your move, America.

Maybe we’re overselling this new title a wee bit. Infinite Universe is a mobile space strategy MMO for Android and iOS that’s big on exclamation points: “Take part in space battles and conquer the galaxy! Declare your rights to space territories, take control over new star systems destroying enemy stations and fleets! Build and upgrade your space station and ships and improve theirs combat power!”

Infinite Universe has been in open beta since last November. You can check out some of the gameplay and brush up on your Russian with the following videos.

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Battleheart 2 announced, will come with four-player co-op

Mika Mobile is returning to the series that made it a star in the mobile games industry, as it announced yesterday that it has been developing Battleheart 2 for a few months now with the hopes of a 2017 release. The major change for this sequel, in addition to a new art style, is that it will support four-player co-op.

“The game supports up to four players, with each nominating one or more of their individual characters into a communal party. Want to group up with three pals and have a little mini-raid? That’s the idea,” Mika said.

There are plans to simultaneously launch the title on both Android and iOS, with cross-platform play enabled (a PC version is also being considered). Android gamers are still smarting over Mika abandoning the platform back in 2012 (citing difficult development and a low return on investment), only to return a couple of years later with Battleheart Legacy and updates to its older games.


Pokémon Go is coming to Apple Watch, tops 500M downloads

Pokémon Go might not be the powerhouse that it was earlier this summer, but there is still some life left in these pokéballs. As of this week, the mobile game has been downloaded a half-billion times, at least three of which were in the households of the Massively OP staff. Another impressive number? Collectively, Pokémon Go players have walked 4.6 billion kilometers since the title’s launch.

Even more promising for the game’s future, Apple announced at its press event yesterday that Pokémon Go is coming soon to the Apple Watch, which should marginally cut down on all of those bikers you see trying to pedal and hold their phones at the same time.

If you don’t have an Apple Watch, another option presented is buying into Pokémon Go Plus, a $35 device that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and allows you to hunt critters without having to stare at your screen all of the time. The Plus is coming out on September 16th.

Source: Pokémon Go #1, #2, Polygon, Gamasutra. Thanks Nordavind!


AdventureQuest 3D is the cross-platform MMORPG that might hook you

If you’re anything like me, you’ve hopefully realized that there can be just as much anticipation in your life over small, interesting games as with the huge, $100 million budget titles. In fact, some of the most intriguing games of the modern era have started not in a mega-publisher’s lab but at the fingertips of indie studios and developers.

So it’s without shame that I say that, yes, I’ve had my eye on AdventureQuest 3D ever since its Kickstarter launched (and subsequently cleared an impressive $368,500). The game’s hook of a colorful, charming MMO that’s seamlessly playable between phones, tablets, Mac, and PC is an intriguing one, moreso once you find out that this title is being built on the decade-old legacy of a fan favorite flash game.

Artix Entertainment invited Massively OP to sit down with CEO Adam “Artix” Bohn and Lead Writer Cysero to check out AdventureQuest 3D in action, and so we did. Foremost on my mind were two questions: Does the cross-platform gimmick truly work, and is this game actually fun?

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Blade & Soul releases mobile card battler

Can’t get enough of a Blade & Soul fix lately? Why not add a mobile app to your gaming diet, then?

Yes indeed: There is now a Blade & Soul mobile game. It’s not an MMO, however, but a card battler set in the Blade & Soul universe. The game features cute animated characters, short cutscenes, and animated card battles against a computer opponent. While the game is only out right now in Korean, it can be downloaded by anyone for Android. An iOS version is in the works as well.

You can check out a preview of the mobile game after the break!

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AdventureQuest 3D is launching cross-platform this October

What began as a cute RPG parody in flash back in 2002 will soon become a true cross-platform MMORPG. Artix Entertainment announced today that AdventureQuest 3D will be launching in October following an open beta test in July.

In a “MegaUpdate” last week, the team talked about all of the progress being made on the title, including the switch to Unity 5 and the preparations for an “imminent” expansion of the pre-beta test to Steam users. Core game features are firmly established, a new interface was added, and the team has been hard at work tweaking and improving combat and AI.

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Final Fantasy XIV is resuming Mac clients sales on February 23rd

When Final Fantasy XIV launched its first expansion in the middle of last year, it also meant the launch of the game’s Mac client. Sadly, that didn’t work out nearly as well as the expansion launch; the client suffered from severe technical issues, so sales were discontinued and refunds were offered to those who had purchased the game. It’s taken about eight months, but players using more fruit-based operating systems can look forward to the client sales resuming on February 23rd.

Part and parcel with this change is the end of any refunds for the Mac client for those who purchased it and found its performance unsatisfactory. Refunds will be offered until February 21st, so it’s important to double-check the system requirements listed to make sure that your machine can run the client properly if you’re on the fence about requesting a refund. For those who are already playing the game on either PC or PlayStation, the biggest news is the usual update procedure for tomestones in the next patch.


Hearthstone reveals entire Grand Tournament card list

Hearthstone’s Grand Tournament expansion will not only convey player’s minds to the days of Warcraft-past but greatly add to the number of available cards and builds in the game.

To help players prepare for the new meta, Blizzard posted all 132 cards from the expansion on the game’s Facebook page. Each card’s artwork, details, and stats are listed for perusal.

A little while ago we reported how Hearthstone was pulling in around $20 million a month and was seeing a rise in its mobile sales. Well, apparently there’s a downside to that, as Gamasutra notes that the more players switch to mobile and abandon the PC version, the less Blizzard makes from sales. Apple and Google take a 30% cut of sales from mobile devices, while the PC version is free from these heavy fees.