Gamigo is apparently opening new official forums for Trove and Fiesta Online after eight months of downtime


Back in February we were all pretty surprised by a sudden shutdown of the official forums for Gamigo’s suite of MMORPGs, effectively turning off official communications outside of social media or Discord. It has since been eight months of radio silence on the matter, but now it looks like a couple of games have their forums back – specifically, Trove and Fiesta Online.

Both games offered up some copy-pasted annoumcement posts that herald the return of the forums for both titles, both of which are currently collected on a singular forum hub.

As the index shows, those two games are the only ones with forums right now, which still leaves RIFT in the lurch, while the forums for Aeria Games-developed titles are also still offline at the time of this writing. Additionally, it doesn’t appear that any of the previous posts has been archived.

Presumably this forum rollout is still a work in progress, and none of Gamigo’s games has really tried to draw attention to the update on social media, which seems to suggest that there’s still some work to be done before some louder, longer crowing begins. At any rate, it would appear that the long blackout of forums-based comms is coming to an end.

sources: Trove site, Rift site, Aeria Games site, official forums (1, 2, 3), cheers Clowd!
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