Gamigo’s forums are down without explanation or ETA, affecting RIFT, Fiesta, Trove, and more


Hello everybody! It’s RIFT’s Fail Whale here to tell you of another little “oopsie” that’s happening in Gamigo’s neck of the woods! Apparently all of the forums for Gamigo’s games — including RIFT, Trove, Fiesta Online, and more — were taken down a couple of days ago and have remained offline since.

The studio posted a brief explanation in RIFT’s Discord, saying, “As some of you might have noticed already, the official Rift forums are currently unreachable (this is intentional). Unfortunately, there is no ETA on when the forums will be back online and we will keep you updated as soon as we have new information to share.”

RIFT players are currently speculating whether the move is preparation for a new forum system that might apply to all games under Gamigo’s banner; apparently the Grand Fantasia playerbase was told about a switchover a few weeks back, and the new forums are slated to open February 13th. So keep your eyes peeled for a potential announcement for RIFT and those other MMOs.

Source: Reddit, Discord. Thanks Anon!
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