Vampire survivalbox V Rising officially departs early access with the launch of 1.0 Ruins of Mortium


Friends of vampirekin, rejoice, for today V Rising has officially left early access and joined the surprisingly small roster of survival sandboxes with the courage to do just that. I said what I said.

The two-year-old gothic sandbox has been hyping its launch – and more specifically, its 1.0 Ruins of Mortium patch – for months now as Stunlock prepped the game for a massive overhaul covering everything from player castles to the spell system. Coinciding with the release is a new cosmetic DLC featuring an extremely appropriate Castlevania collab.

“Today, May 8th, marks the long-awaited launch of V Rising, the popular Vampire Action RPG Survival game from Stunlock Studios. Step into the shoes of a newly awakened vampire, construct your own castle, and explore a gothic open world teeming with danger. Hunt for blood alone or unite with a clan, battling alongside fellow vampires online. Returning players can sink their fangs into a wealth of new content, while newcomers can dive straight into the complete adventure with seven regions to explore and 57 bosses to best. The 1.0 update introduces the Ruins of Mortium, a new wintry area once thriving with vampire civilization, now haunted by the remnants of Dracula’s followers. Face the ancient tyrant Dracula himself in a showdown of epic proportions as you delve into the depths of Mortium and rule the night.”

MOP’s own Andy spent an absurd amount of time in the press preview, finding it a massively welcome update to a game he’d fallen out of love with in early access and is now back in love with.

The PR today counts 4M copies sold in the last two years – and a PlayStation launch still on the way.

Source: Steam
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