Official Site: Trove
Studio: Trion Worlds
Launch Date: July 9, 2015
Genre: Voxel Sandbox
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Cash Shop with Optional Sub)
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

The Stream Team: Playing cowasaurs and dinoboys with Trove

Ah, the memories of playing cowasaurs and dinoboys when we're young. Wait... that doesn't sound right. But it is right right now in Trove!...

Trove’s Cowasaurs and Dinoboys event sees dinosaurs and cowboys try to encourage each other

Dinosaurs and cowboys would already make strange bedfellows, but what if both factions were trying to encourage people that the opposite side is awesome?...
Now my stats are good!

Global Chat: Will World of Warcraft ever give up its raiding fixation?

MMO blog Kaylriene posted a lengthy article recently examining the state of the non-raiding scene in World of Warcraft while comparing it to Blizzard's...

Massively Overthinking: The most unusual subscriptions in the MMO space

A while back on the MassivelyOP Podcast, so long ago that I can't remember who or when, a listener asked us about unusual MMO...

Trove’s Lunar Plunge brings back the battle against the minions of Q’bthulu until August 23

Eldritch horror that are boxy and colorful are still eldritch horrors, so players of Trove are going to want to perhaps handle the matter...

The MOP Up: Trove’s Sunrise update arrives on consoles

Trove's new Solarian class is finally available to play on Xbox, Switch and PlayStation, as the Sunrise update landed on those consoles this past...

The Stream Team: Trove’s Sunfest arrives with a ducky floaty

Last week, Massively OP's MJ was pretty disappointed when Trove didn't have any event on its anniversary. But now that Sunfest has launched with...

Trove’s Sunfest 2022 event marks the voxel MMO’s seventh birthday

Players of Trove can now celebrate the game's 2022 Sunfest and its seventh anniversary at the same time in the MMO's latest event, which...

The Stream Team: Trove turns seven years old today!

Happy birthday! The adorable blocky game Trove turned seven today, and Massively OP's MJ is ready to celebrate. Not that she needs a reason...

Whatever happened to Islet Online?

Back in February 2019, we were pulled in the direction of Islet Online, a cutesy and colorful blocky sandbox MMO from Korea that made...

Trove’s environmentally conscious Trovin’ and Grovin’ event sees players plant over 800K in-game trees

Regular readers will know that Gamigo has used Trove as a platform to draw attention to and help out reforestation efforts, namely with a...

The Stream Team: Basking in the Trove Sunrise and the new Solarian class

There's a new class in the boxy world of Trove and that's reason enough for MOP's Chris to return to the game and see...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 379: Dinosaurs and Dragonflight

Justin and Bree discuss DDO's Isle of Dread, WoW Dragonflight, WoW Classic WOTLK, LOTRO, ArcheAge, No Man's Sky, and Trove, with adventures in LOTRO, SWG Leegends, and New World, plus mailbag topics on Horizons/Istaria and cool musical moments in MMOs.

Trove’s Sunrise update is live today with the new Solarion class and Sundered Uplands biome

Gamigo announced a big update for its flagship MMORPG Trove last week, and as of today, it's already here. Lead time is overrated! Sunrise is...

Gamigo announces new Trove class and biome in Sunrise update launching June 28

Just this week on the podcast, we expressed some concern over the state of Gamigo and its MMOs, concern that has been mounting as...

Blade & Soul adds a new dungeon, new accessories, and returning events in the Cursed Legacy update

Next week will see new and returning content brought to Blade & Soul in the form of the Cursed Legacy update, adding a new...

MGI & Gamigo Q1 2022: Atlas Rogues is dead

I'm sorry to report this morning that Gamigo is sunsetting Atlas Rogues. The news came on Memorial Day when nobody in the US was...

Trove brings back the Spring Fling event on all platforms and kicks off season 3 of Bomber Royale on PC

Whether you like to throw flower spawners or bombs, Trove has got you covered, at least assuming you like doing the former activity on...

Massively Overthinking: The minimum requirements for MMO player housing

We've got housing on the brain lately, thanks to Ship of Heroes' housing beta, Final Fantasy XIV's botched housing lottos, Warframe's new housing, and...

Trove’s new player survey nods to Quantic Foundry’s Gamer Motivation Model

Gamigo did more than just update Glyph this week; it also posted a survey for Trove players to "share thoughts and help shape...