Official Site: Trove
Studio: Trion Worlds
Launch Date: July 9, 2015
Genre: Voxel Sandbox
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Cash Shop with Optional Sub)
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

The Daily Grind: What’s the best desert biome in MMOs?

Until I lived in one for a few years in real life, I was not a big fan of the desert - anywhere. Cue...

Not the bees! MMO sandbox Trove launches its Spring Fling event

Gamigo is following up Bunfest in Trove with yet another spring event: Spring Fling, headlined by no less than Sir Dapper Duckington, Esquire. "The...

Gamigo launches a revitalized Bunfest event for Trove today

We may be past Easter, but Trove's Bunfest isn't beholden to your real-world calendar! Yep, Gamigo announced this morning that Bunfest is back for...

Trove’s spring update adds a gearcrafting skill and overhauls endgame drops

Gamigo's Trove is continuing to get love regardless of what's going on with the rest of the company's MMORPG catalogue, and for the blocky...

Trove brings back its lucky St Qubeslick event for St Patrick’s Day shenanigans

St Patrick's day this year happens to fall on a joykill Sunday, but if you were planning to celebrate in video games rather than...

RIFT plans server merges and hunt event while Trove readies its Gear Up! Date

So here's something to add to your "I never thought I'd see this in 2024" list, and it comes with both good and bad...

Working As Intended: A guide to City of Heroes Homecoming’s best player-crafted portal bases

A few years ago, I was wandering around in City of Heroes when someone advertised a cool base in chat. All I had to...

Dungeons & Dragons Online is giving away archetypes, mounts, and more for the Year of the Dragon

Dungeons & Dragons Online teased its Year of the Dragon promotion last weekend, but now it's here: The D&D MMORPG will be following along...

Heckbugs in Love return to voxelbox Trove for Valentine’s Day starting next week

It warms my heart to think that a lil tiny piece of Defiance lives on in Trove thanks to the game's bizarre Valentine's Day...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPGs have a permanent place on your desktop?

On the MOP Podcast a while back, I mentioned that Project Gorgon had made its way into a permanent home on my PC, which...

Trove’s Renewus event for 2024 is here to pump you up – in-game, anyway – as RIFT promotes 12-month sub

Are you ready to build muscle and become a voxel-y Adonis? Then the New Year-themed Renewus event that went live this week in Trove...

Wisdom of Nym: What Final Fantasy XIV’s fan festival needs to accomplish

In just a few days, the last fan festival for Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming Dawntrail expansion will kick off, and on paper it looks...
waugh? okay

The MOP Up: Warhammer Online’s Return of Reckoning ‘chickens out’

Return of Reckoning's rogue server changed how combat buffs worked and added a new level 40 quest that pays out in, er, a "Chicken...
This is some Michael Bay contrast.

Wisdom of Nym: What I definitely do not want to see in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

We don't have very long left to go before the next Final Fantasy XIV fan festival; there's even a countdown clock on the official...

Palia has launched into free-to-play early access on the Nintendo Switch as of today

It's launch day for Singularity 6's cozy MMO Palia - a launch day of a sort, anyhow, as the early access title joins the...

Trove’s Snowfest returns through Christmas as consoles finally get the fall PC patches

Gamigo's rolling out the snow carpet for blocky sandbox Trove this week as Snowfest has returned to all three platforms as of today through...

Trove’s Punches and Potions patch adds Martial Arts and Mysticism tradeskills

Trove players have something immediate to be thankful for this week: a new patch for the cube-shaped MMO. The Punches and Potions update arrived...

The Daily Grind: What’s clogging up your main MMO character’s bank right now?

Lord of the Rings Online seems deliberately designed to make even people who enjoy organizing inventories (me) a wee bit crazy about it. I...

Trove heralds the return of Friendsgiving while RIFT kicks off a screenshot contest

It's time to report on Gamigo's (arguably) final two surviving MMORPGs RIFT and Trove, as both titles are spooling up some autumn season stuff...
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BlizzCon 2023: Everything we learned about The War Within in World of Warcraft’s What’s Next panel

This year's opening ceremony for BlizzCon did not feature the usual kickoff of a new major World of Warcraft reveal followed by a lengthy...