RIFT plans server merges and hunt event while Trove readies its Gear Up! Date


So here’s something to add to your “I never thought I’d see this in 2024” list, and it comes with both good and bad news: Gamigo has gone and introduced a brand-new event into RIFT, but it’s also preparing a major merge of RIFT’s servers.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to create a more vibrant and populated world for you to explore and conquer, we’re taking steps to condense the shards within the NA region,” Gamigo says. “Our goal is to merge NA Shards, making it easier for you to connect with other fellow Ascended and dive into new adventures with ease. […] Players of Faeblight, Hailol and Seastone must transfer to either Deepwood, Laethys, Greybriar or Wolfsbane until the 25th of March.” It’s not clear what happens to players who don’t manage to transfer before the cutoff date; Gamigo says it’ll provide further details at some point (we’re guessing the studio will move you at random).

The event, at least, is a lot more fun: It’s called RIFT Hunter, a “chance to prove your valor and prowess as you embark on a quest to seal as many rifts as you can across Telara!” This first competition between players runs through March 18th and will award the top 10 rift closers with bundles of credits.

Meanwhile over in its sister game Trove, the Gear Up! Date (get it?) is on the test server with plans to go live this month with new C5 gear. Trove is also bringing back its St. Qubeslick event tomorrow, March 12th, with a couple of new mounts and allies.

Source: RIFT, RIFT, Trove. Cheers, Kevin and Clowd!
MOP reader Zenadaist reminded us that if the EU merge from years ago is any guide, it’s possible that you will lose your characters if you don’t manually transfer. While Gamigo will likely auto-move abandoned characters, it’s possible they’ll be moved to servers where you already have too many characters, and therefore they’ll disappear into the void.

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