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Closers launches a new dungeon, tweaks game systems, and celebrates the year of the rabbit

An update made to Closers last week is once again something of a buffet of different items, featuring a new dungeon encounter, several game...

Closers celebrates the holidays with sticker collections and bunny outfits

When you think of Christmas, does your mind usually fill with Playboy bunny-style outfits? It does in the minds of Closers' devs if the...

Closers finishes off its third season of story and teases next narrative beats with Fortress of White Night update

If you've been following the overall story of the anime MMO Closers, then you likely know that Season 3 is headed for its climax...

The MOP Up: Astrokings brings back Stargate SG-1 for a limited time

While it's not Stargate Worlds, Stargate SG-1 is back for its third round as a collaboration event in the space mobile MMORTS Astrokings: "Command...

The MOP Up: Fallout 76’s robots want you to look as dorky as you can be

A recent patch for Fallout 76 concentrated on fixing bugs, such as resetting weekly expedition rewards, adjusting several quest issues, improving the Atomic Shop,...

Closers’ new patch revamps crafting, costume conversion, and guides, and opens up the Spooky School

Welcome, Closers players, to Spooky School! Be sure to put your spooky textbooks in the spooky lockers, make sure you have your spooky hall...

Closers is kicking off an autumn jumping event that fast-tracks characters to max level

Who has time for the tedium of going through story missions or slowly ramping up an MMO character's power? Closers players with a desire...

The MOP Up: Valheim comes to Microsoft’s store this month

That kooky Norse survival sim Valheim is sending a raiding party to new shores -- in this case, to Microsoft itself. The company announced...

The MOP Up: Closers Online promotes from within its ranks

Two of Closers Online's roster got a major tune-up this past week. Sylvi got promoted to a Prime Agent, while Levia joined the Fatal...

Closers Online opens an entire summer-themed town for the season

You know that old adage that summer really hasn't started until Closers Online says it has? Well, I'm sure it's an adage somewhere. And...

Closers expands group matchmaking, makes Mock Battle weekly, and improves tooltips in new update

Regular players of Closers are likely familiar with the Mock Battle system, a seasonal challenge mode that tasks players with beating down boss monsters...
, she said boobily at the camera.

Closers kicks off a Fireworks Festival and offers some new costumes for athletics or bedtime

If you were wondering when Closers was going to get to the fireworks factory, we can't help you. If you were instead wondering when...

Closers makes adjustments to Cubes and the Chip system in latest update

While Cubes and Chips might sound like an excellent retro-style new wave band name, what they are in the context of the action MMO...

The MOP Up: Soul Kingdoms upgrades to an ‘MMO-lite’ experience

Upcoming fantasy title Soul Kingdoms, which previous was focusing only on PvP battlegrounds, announced that it would be expanding its scope to include an...
Attract mode.

Closers adds a new LEGION Program encounter and engages several events in newest patch

Now and again, you just need a nice, quiet instance where your chosen member of the Closers roster can slap the ever-loving stuffing out...

Closers releases a quality-of-life patch with content tweaks, footprint effects, and a selfie mode

If your life in Closers felt incomplete because your characters don't leave special effects behind when they move, then you might be heartened by...

Closers celebrates four years by tasking players with collecting letters and spelling words

Closers has now been in operation for four years and the game is eager to celebrate with its players. How will it be celebrating,...

Closers adds a new area with new story and dungeons, kicks off its ‘Closer-mas’ holiday event

it's a tale of two updates in the action MMO Closers; one of a content update with new things for high-level players to experience,...

The MOP Up: Valve’s Steam Deck gets delayed to 2022

Bad news for those among you who were hoping to play some MMOs on Valve's Steam Deck this holiday season: The company announced that...

Closers introduces Lucy, the ‘adorable bakery girl’ with a tragic past, in a video and pre-creation event

It's not quite the return of Bread Girl we might be hoping for, but the latest addition to the action MMO Closers is apparently...