Closers launches a new dungeon, tweaks game systems, and celebrates the year of the rabbit


An update made to Closers last week is once again something of a buffet of different items, featuring a new dungeon encounter, several game system adjustments, and a new event to mark the year of the rabbit.[AL:Clo]

The marquee attraction in this patch is the new extreme version of Dragon’s Execution Ground, which has a required level of 90 and a recommended combat power of a whopping 99,999,999. Those who survive this new encounter will get materials to upgrade their amplifier to level two, and the dungeon’s arrival is being marked with login rewards and sales.

As for those game system tweaks, there are a number of updates here: Players can now enjoy improved item enhancement success rates, take on investigation group content without any sort of daily entry restriction (though rewards will now only be able to be collected on a daily and weekly basis), and take advantage of a variety of item upgrade changes. Finally, there’s a Lunar New Year event that lets players exchange bunny coins for various boost items and cosmetics.

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