Closers teases more story and a new character as Fun Month begins


We’re going to preface this Closers news story with a little bit of forewarning: The video shared by the anime MMO recently is probably not going to make a whole lot of sense for those who aren’t fully engrossed in its story. Still, even those without intimate knowledge of just what in the McAnime hell is going on can glean a few interesting details.

The video starts off with two characters facing off while the city of Paris burns and monstrous entities attack, then cuts forward to what is presumably a point later in time, with the character of Director Hildegard calling the titular Closers to the city of Paris, hinting at the hatching of a dragon’s egg, and also seeming to nod at the arrival of a new character. It’s all rather a bit vague is what we’re saying, but evidently a major update is in motion.

For now, players can keep themselves busy with a Fun Month login reward event that hands out goodies between now and May 8th, while last week’s patch features a Break Challenge dungeon, two new trigger types, and some updates to item appraising and existing triggers.

sources: YouTube, official site (1, 2)
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