ARK Survival Ascended opens temporary Scorched Earth servers, confirms premium mods for consoles in April


Evidently there are a lot of fans who are trying to get into the Scorched Earth map of ARK: Survival Ascended – enough that Studio Wildcard has elected to open temporary servers to meet player demand, so those who really, really want to experience Scorched Earth first and foremost should be more readily able to do so now. Just be sure you transfer your character out before June 1st, which is when the servers go dark.

In other ASA news, the survivalbox’s weekly newsletter has given a release window for premium mods’ arrival to console players, projecting their arrival to Xbox and PlayStation fans by the end of April. “Modding has always been a huge part of what makes ARK so awesome, and that community creativity has kept the game fresh for years,” the post reads. “Between new worlds like Svartalfheim Premium and new creatures like Additions Ascended: Anomalocaris, there is plenty of amazing content to dive into.”

Speaking of which, the rest of the newsletter shares another mod spotlight video, calls attention to events that ran this past weekend, and throws another spotlight over other community creations.

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