Closers’ new patch revamps crafting, costume conversion, and guides, and opens up the Spooky School


Welcome, Closers players, to Spooky School! Be sure to put your spooky textbooks in the spooky lockers, make sure you have your spooky hall pass, and try out today’s spooky lunch, which features pizza, crinkle fries, and chocolate milk! …oh, wait, that’s not what awaits in Spooky School? It’s the MMO’s Halloween event? Then what am I going to do with all of these chocolate milk cartons?

As it turns out, Spooky School is a special event dungeon that comes in two difficulties: Basic for level 60 and up, and Intermediate for level 80 and up. Clearing the dungeon once a day nets players a pumpkin basket for item enhancement and candy currency that can be used to buy items and costumes. The seasonal event is also handing out goodies for entering Spooky School multiple times and for logging in.

In addition to the Halloween event, the game’s new patch has made several updates to some existing systems: Players can enjoy some crafting-centric quality-of-life updates like a search feature and constant access to the area craft list, check out some updated in-game guides, access two new quickslot bars, and are now guaranteed to turn a 3-star costume into a signature costume.

Spooky School will be open from October 12th to November 9th. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be doing nothing but drinking chocolate milk for the next couple of months.

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