Trove begins summer festival, Pride event, and Rising Tides update testing


Gamigo’s Trove might be the company’s crown jewel MMO, even if it does still fly under the radar of more hardcore MMORPG players. It shouldn’t, though, and its summer festivities demonstrate why: Starting today, the blocky sandbox MMO has launched its Splendid Summer event on both PC and consoles.

“From June 11 through June 24, get ready to dive into a veritable ocean of content, including a returning questline with refreshed rewards, the return of the Blazing Band package, Pride celebrations, and brand new rewards available for purchase from GMQubesly, who is ready to trade Valor coins for a new set of beach-themed rewards! The summer sun’s heating up, and the swimming season is here! Dreaming of a relaxing beach vacation with fresh pineapple juice in hand and warm sand beneath your feet? Trove is making that sun-soaked dream a reality in this surf-tacular summer event, including the return of traveling merchant GMQubesly! Trade in Valor coins, event-specific currency, for new exclusive items like a new mount, two new allies, six new weapon styles, and more!”

Gamigo has also brought back its Pride celebration: “Trovians will find the main hub now includes the Pride Parade Monorail, a constant revolving roller coaster decked out in designs celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community.”

There’s more on the way later in the summer, including the Rising Tides update, which is currently on the PTS.

Source: Newsletter, press release
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