Heckbugs in Love return to voxelbox Trove for Valentine’s Day starting next week


It warms my heart to think that a lil tiny piece of Defiance lives on in Trove thanks to the game’s bizarre Valentine’s Day events. Yes, the Heckbugs are returning to the voxelbox MMO by way of the Heckbugs in Love event.

“This year the Heckbugs have once again found their way into Verdant Veins and Sunken Sunvault, and they’ve finally infested the last cave in Geode, the Moonlight Grotto. Trovians must embark upon the adventure by summoning Heckbugs with some Hecky Chow, then the real business can begin. Matching two Heckbugs is a very dangerous affair. So dangerous that if left to their own devices, they’d be alone forever. They need help to meet other little Heckbugs while remaining protected from Heckbug Invaders. Normal Heckbugs are one thing, but those twisted by the Shadow are especially dangerous!”

In fact, there’s some new stuff this year: the Heckbug Hunter, who swings by to ruin your day when you complete the quest. “His motives are unknown but his eyes are haunted and his mission is clear – rip, tear, and destroy.” Same, lil Heckbug. Same.[AL:TROVE]

Gamigo aims to infest the game with Heckbugs starting February 6th through February 20th – yes, on both PC and console.

Source: Press release
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