Trove’s Renewus event for 2024 is here to pump you up – in-game, anyway – as RIFT promotes 12-month sub


Are you ready to build muscle and become a voxel-y Adonis? Then the New Year-themed Renewus event that went live this week in Trove is just for you, with players taking up the fitness challenge of Garx, the heavyweight champion of Trove Wrestling Entertainment – a wrestling promotion that we hope has its own version of Good Ol’ JR.

This year’s event will introduce an all-new quest chain that will lead to some fitness training from Garx, which involves taking up daily quests from a special Championship Training Weights item to earn crafting tokens needed to make a new XP-boosting protein bar and an all-in-one flying gym mount. These goodies don’t come easily, however: the consumable requires five days of dailies, and the mount asks for 30 days’ worth of daily grind, though mercifully the mount will still be available when Renewus ends.

Speaking of the event’s end, that’s scheduled for Tuesday, January 16th, so if you’re really keen to get chiseled in-game (even more than a boxy avatar would be now), you’d better hit that treadmill.

Meanwhile, over in one of the other MMOs Gamigo has kept on its roster, RIFT, the company is pushing its 12-month subscription with the promise of bonus credits. It would be lovely to presume that Gamigo is telling players it’ll run the game for at least another 12 months.

“Starting today until January 9, 2024, when purchasing 12 months of a Patron subscription, you will also receive 3000 Credits on top to buy all the great items you have always wanted! Please note: The Bonus Credits upon purchasing 12 months of a Patron are available only once per account. This deal is available from January 2, 2024, 1 PM UTC until January 9, 2024 12 AM UTC.”

sources: press release, official site
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