Aura Kingdom’s Valleys of Ice Hearts update brings a level cap raise, new dungeons, and a true class master feature


It’s time to get frosty in Aura Kingdom as the anime MMORPG has added the Valleys of Ice Hearts update, bringing with it a new level cap raise, a chilly new set of maps, and a number of other things associated with both of those features.

Players can now reach for the new maximum level of Slv25, all the while gaining access to four new Mirabelle quests that lead to four different dungeons starting at Slv6. Speaking of dungeons, the update brings two new dungeons and one story dungeon, along with two new maps in the form of the Snow Crystal Plains and Deep Hidden Valley.

Finally, players who have made it to class master can now become true class masters, which grants players a 60 minute buff-granting item for each class that hits SLv25; those who have done so with multiple classes get one item per class, and these items can be fused to increase the percentage of the buff.

For those who are looking for all of the specifics of these systems as well as additional details, the patch notes lay it all out. There’s also a trailer attached to the update after the cut.

sources: press release, official site
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