Echo of Soul tweaks PvP and the Paladin, Aura Kingdom adds new dungeons and quests


Call this the obscure Gamigo games news bundle: Both Echo of Soul and Aura Kingdom have received some chunky updates recently, bringing new things for players to do or tweaking existing things that players are already doing.

In EOS, the newest patch is mostly about changing existing things: Field PvP has seen various mechanical improvements to the Distorted Fields and Nerodin Dungeon areas, the inclusion of force attacks, and premeditation statuses; smart matching for battlefield PvP has been improved; the Paladin class has seen a balance pass; and a Field Boss Collection event is underway until March 23rd.

As for Aura, the Whispering Abyss update has added two new Slvl 15 dungeons in the form of OW: Tree Cave and OW: Obscure Temple, added new quests in the Demon King Fantasies and Mirabelle quest lines, and made some balance adjustments to the Rockstar class, primarily on the buff side of things.

sources: press releases
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