New World’s Fellowship & Fire launches today as Amazon apologizes for the delay


After a week of delay, Amazon is finally rolling out Fellowship & Fire to New World – its first season and season pass. Servers went down at 8 a.m. EDT and are expected to return around 10 a.m. EDT.

Players should check out the full rundown, of course, but the highlights here are the season pass reward tracks with their new objectives and rewards, combat balancing, buffs for magic and ranged weapons, gear set swapping, the Empyrean Forge expedition, new and improved level 40 weapon and armor quests, and an end to alt cheesing in PvP. All of this is tied together with the new storyline for the season focusing on Grace O’Malley and the Silver Crows.

Game Director Scot Lane inserted an apology for the delay into the latest episode of Forged in Aeternum, during which he addresses what happened.

“Obviously, we came in a little late, and you know, that hurts as a team,” he says, telling players the studio feels bad about missing that expectation.

“After the PTR finished, what we do is we run a couple scale tests for safety to […] really stress the system out. And we had done some of these early; we did a few more at the end, and we uncovered a problem that could have resulted in players not getting everything they earned. And that was just not acceptable. […] It’s something that we take really seriously, you know. I want to personally apologize for the delay. At the end of the day, it’s my call. […] The decision to ensure higher quality was worth a few days in my mind, even though I know it broke a little trust, and I also know going forward it means we have to work hard to earn your trust again.”

Lane ends by pointing out these seasons are meant to land roughly every three months and that the team will work hard to meet those goals.

Yes, they know about the missing gear bug. Sigh.
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