New World’s Fellowship & Fire and the case of the missing gear

Here we go again


This morning, we covered the launch of New World’s Fellowship & Fire, noting that it had already suffered a week of delay because of what game director Scot Lane characterized as reward bugs. “The decision to ensure higher quality was worth a few days in my mind, even though I know it broke a little trust, and I also know going forward it means we have to work hard to earn your trust again,” he told players.

Well, unfortunately, it looks like the studio’s trust is taking another hit, as dozens of players on the official forums and Reddit are reporting a rather major bug with today’s patch: All their gear has vanished. Players are logging in to naked characters, usually over-encumbered and sometimes unable to move.

So many people are reporting the problem that community managers are directing players to a specific thread to compile them all.

“The team is currently investigating,” the studio says. “We’ll provide an update here once we have more information to share.”

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