New World previews Eternal Frost’s Glacial Tarn expedition, celebrates big win for its musical score

Cool story, bro.

Whether you’re ready to say that it’s ice to meet this boss or just want to drop a clever bon mot about how clearly that boss had no chill, New World’s Glacial Tarn expedition will give you plenty of opportunities to drop all of the cold-related puns you want. Also, you can probably actually interact with the furnaces that allow you to re-apply the vital Empyrean Flame buff, which removes ice armor from enemies and lets you progress through the frosty halls. You know, taking advantage of the area’s unique mechanics and all.

Regardless of how begrudgingly you attend to mechanics, you’ll have plenty to explore as you make your way through the expedition on your way to new items and rewards past dangerous enemies. The whole dungeon will be available with Eternal Frost arriving on December 12th, so check out the whole preview including a lengthy digression on the music you’ll hear. Considering that Rise of the Angry Earth just won an award for its music, we suspect that’s a selling point.

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