Warframe previews the first improvements to Kuva Liches and updates to pets


Remember that end-of-year survey that Warframe held to collect player feedback? Remember how Kuva Liches were the most disliked additions according to those survey results? That’s definitely a pain point that Digital Extremes is hoping to correct and it showed off the first wave of those improvements.

Three main points are being addressed first in the ongoing Kuva Lich rework, which should arrive to PC players at some point this week. The first is the end of the death state if players don’t have the right Requiem mod when stabbing their Lich; instead, the Lich will simply laugh at you and disappear. Players will also get to preview the weapon on the Kuva larvling to determine whether they want to pursue the Lich in the making or let it die and try for a different weapon roll. Finally, Valence Infusion functionality is improving, where two weapons can be combined to increase the base stats of the Kuva Weapon.

The livestream also offered a look at Pets 2.0, which is introducing a number of updates to the shooter’s pet system. Among these planned updates are the removal of Pet Stasis, the introduction of genetic heritage that infers traits like innate damage type resistance or predisposed aggression towards an enemy faction through breeding, and Moa Set Mods. There are also some companion-specific buffs in the works as well. There’s no timeline for these improvements yet, but they’re at least on the table.

The devstream also offered a look at new deferred rendering tech for some visual improvements for certain player systems, a remaster of the Corpus faction, a rework of Titania, and a look at the next ‘Frame known as Protea, which is the tech-based ‘Frame that was previewed in the last stream. Make sure to take a moment to look through the most recent livestream summary for all the details.

source: official site, thanks sophiskiai!
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