Final Fantasy XI adds Siren for Summoners in the next version update

You can call her Chrysanthemum, if you want

Someone will get that reference.

Sorry, folks, but you will not be able to stay away from the next update to Final Fantasy XI. You might want to, you might have no real desire to play, but you can ultimately blame it on the Summoners getting to play around with Siren as a new avatar. There’s just something so alluring about that song… like she’s whispering just to you. What else can you do? Tie yourself to a mast to avoid playing? Don’t be ridiculous.

Of course, she also seems to be whispering about Paladins and Beastmasters getting some changes, like Paladins getting Rampart changes and Atonement enmity boosts while Beastmaster have pet ability changes brought back to a previous cadence. She’s also singing about the annual Valentione’s event that’s running in the game, if you haven’t gotten enough heart-shaped wands just yet. Ultimately, there’s nothing you can do but just… enjoy the song. Let’s just walk over to the rocky shoals where she’s hanging out.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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Ben Stone

Wasn’t this game officially put in maintenance mode a few years back? The constant updates are better than most “active” games.

Also I really wish FFXIV would take some cues from this classic on how to make interesting classes and combat.

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That was a marketing ploy that worked for many years – only recently did MOP stop making maintenance mode jokes. Even the industry insiders got tricked.

I didn’t. I used to bust the writers balls on this site all the time years ago about it.


They officially stopped doing major content updates. The monthly patches have been fairly small things, or content that doesn’t require much if anything in the way of new assets.

FFXIV is an entirely different type of game, so just lifting a few things that worked in XI wouldn’t necessarily make XIV any better. I’d love to see Yoshi P take on the task of making a modernized XI-style MMO though.

Mr Poolaty

To me ffxiv job system as a whole completely fails in comparison to ffxi. I’m not talking about styles but the way they are put forth. (Sorry blanking on the right word there).

SMN 3 igies? Laughable

The whole job/class system now is broken from its inception.

I can’t be an archer without YUGE disadvantages and bring screamed at if I just wanna shoot arrows.

I can’t be a theify rogue.

Blue mage is trash they way they made it. Keep it 10 levels below cap if you must otherwise just lock it outta pick up groups. Who tf wants to run dungeons and raids from 4 years ago with no real reason except to get a blue spell that is useless going forward. Literally the blue mage hype train dies within a week or two after each blue patch.

I really really hope that with the new relic system it gives us a reason to run and rerun dungeons over and over. To me you clear a new dungeon and you’re done. There’s hasn’t been a lot of omfg I’ve got to get all these awesome looking new gear pieces and omfg they’re such a boost over last quarters gear to keep me at least doing dungeons like a running dummy…

Mr Poolaty