Albion Online patches in some gentle nudges to the Queen update

Gank the king!

The Queen update forĀ Albion Online was a big one, and so it makes sense that the latest patch has a few things in it to nudge the game’s balance around. Fortunately, most of the nudges seem to be aimed at improving access and turnaround times, like adding another three match windows for Crystal League matches between levels 1-3. Hellgates are now more frequently available in the Outlands, and portal binding reset colldowns have been changed from 30 days to just 7 days.

Some of the other patches involve fixes for things that were genuine issues, like correcting some yellow-zone dungeons in Lewsdon Hill, Snapshaft Trough, and Sleetwater Basin that were following red-zone dungeon rules. Add that to some combat balance changes, and you have enough tweaks that the patch should make things just a little brighter in a post-Queen world. Unless you really liked the lowered rune, soul, and relic costs for Royal Armor enchanting; that got doubled like it was supposed to when Queen launched.

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