City of Heroes’ Homecoming buffs tanks and Masterminds, begins the Spring Fling


I hate pet classes. Always have, always will. I’m barely able to stand them save for the Railmaster’s pet train in Torchlight Fro–, er, Torchlight III. I still don’t think that I’ll stop hating Mastermind pets on the player-run City of Heroes: Homecoming servers, but at least the patch update from last week is trying to make those dumb pets somewhat less so, which I’m sure pet class-loving players of the game will appreciate.

Mastermind pets will now always stay within 100 feet of their owner, regardless of if they’re Defensive or Aggressive, while those who are ranged attackers will try to keep themselves in your character’s Supremacy area in order to get your buffs. Pets should also ignore the aggro cap in order to not stand there glass-eyed during Incarnate trials, will target foes that are 50 feet from you, and those with ranged attacks like Mercenary Soldiers and Robotics Battle Drones won’t moronically run to melee range to use their wimpy punch attack why did they always do that arrrgh.

Also, pets ordered to Stay or Go To an area will remain there, even standing in any damaging AoEs, which will ultimately be your fault this time and not the dumb pets’ fault.

Speaking of AoE’s, Tankers and Brutes saw a number of improvements this patch including additional target acquisition for a number of AoE and cone attacks to let those big swiping strikes hit more foes. Some of those skills have also been shuffled around to arrive at earlier levels in order to better help players herd baddies, adjusted Gauntlet and PunchVoke to help maintain threat, and tweaked some stats and modifiers as well.┬áThe update has also adjusted a number of PvP powers, lowered the number of targets hit by Katana’s Golden Dragonfly skill, and made a variety of bug fixes.

Finally, this weekend the game unleashed its Spring Fling event, with special NPC quest arcs, Valentine’s tip missions, new badges, and new temp powers.

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